Do you need a psychologist? Here are reasons to work with me:

1) I can help you understand your problems and how to fix them.


"I have started therapy with Dr. Eric Morris to deal with addiction and self esteem issues.     In the past weeks working with him, I now have a strong handle on my triggers and feel         that I am in clear and positive frame of mind that I may face my problems head on. "

"He's super knowledgeable and you feel like every session is worth every penny"

"Eric is a wonderful psychologist! He is very knowledgeable and each session is very       efficient and helpful."

2) I am non-judgmental, kind and compassionate. 


 "Excellent psychologist. Compassionate yet direct. Very insightful, knowledgeable, and           experienced."

 "He has a wonderful attitude and a very caring nature."

 "He rebuilt me one piece at a time. I felt safe and respected. My need to speak was met           with unbiased, genuine and sincere kindness. "

3) Clients quickly feel comfortable working with me, even those with no therapy experience. 

 "He is very easy to talk to, has concrete and thoughtful advice, and a results orientation." 

 "I've had a much faster progress with him than other psychologists"

 "He is a great listener and makes people feel safe and at ease. "

 "Eric is one of the best things that happened to me."

4) I work efficiently to quickly help you start feeling better.

 "You start seeing results after few sessions"

 "Dr Morris is extremely insightful and makes one hour of therapy very efficient. "

 "Eric gets right to the key issues quickly (within the first session we covered what took          me over a year with other therapists) and ensures I leave with clear tools and things to           work on."


5) Clients have seen amazing results.

 "I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone"

 "If you want to get better and need psychological help. Don't wait, contact him."

 "I have seen many psychologists in my life but no one compares to Dr. Eric Morris."

 "I highly recommend Dr. Eric Morris, he is absolutely amazing!"

 "I found myself thinking about and learning from my sessions with him more frequently        than other therapists."


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